The Benefits of Installing Chilled Ceiling Panels

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People living in New South Wales pay some of the highest electricity bills in the world. Looking for more cost-effective ways to cool a building or home makes perfect sense. Especially in the summer months.

Radiant cooling is now gaining popularity. Alternative cooling systems can achieve comfortable indoor temperatures and save money. One way to use radiant cooling is through chilled ceiling panels.

These panels work by radiating energy outward into a room. Chilled water cools the panels and provides cool air distribution. This is much different than traditional cooling systems that treat and recirculate inside and outside air.

To gain a better understanding of how this technology works, let's look at some of the primary benefits. You may find it's time to incorporate radiant energy into your home or office.

Cost Effectiveness of Chilled Ceiling Panels

Traditional air conditioning systems mix return and outdoor air. An air conditioning unit handles the distribution of air through a system of ducts.

Unfortunately, these traditional units often waste energy. Cool air can escape or get filtered improperly. This raises utility costs.

Chilled panels reduce the volume of supply air by cooling the air within a given space. A decrease in the size and amount of equipment needed cuts down on labor and maintenance costs.

When considering chilled ceiling panels for new buildings, think about a few things. The lack of ductwork needed will reduce cost and increase the amount of available room. Developers have been able to cut down on building height when using panels instead of traditional systems.

Traditional components such as filters, coils and fans are now less important. Less equipment means easier maintenance, more operational space and lower cost.

Energy Efficiency

We have to think of ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Becoming more energy conscious is the first step.

The energy efficient design of chilled ceiling panels is one of their most popular benefits. Removing the need for a convection air conditioning unit reduces energy consumption.

With a traditional setup, there is a risk of energy loss when air passes through a duct system. Air can escape if it not distributed properly.

Cooling panels need much less ventilation. A reduction in the use of outdoor air means less energy gets used to cool the interior rooms.

Because ceiling panels treat the air in a space itself, a return unit isn't needed. This cuts out the need for fan energy.

This reduction in energy is better for the environment. It also cuts energy costs.

Less Maintenance Required

Think about the hassle of dealing with repairs associated with traditional units. An outage during the summer months can be both expensive and uncomfortable.

The reliable, simple design of chilled ceiling panels reduces the need for maintenance. Fewer components cut down on the possibility of breakage and a need for costly replacement parts.

There are no moving parts such as fans that will wear out with time. Replacement filters aren't needed for individual panels. These problems will inevitably occur when using a traditional air conditioning unit.

The cost of service associated with chilled panels is also much lower. In fact, occasional cleaning is typically the only type of maintenance required.

Noise Reduction

Consistent temperature isn't the only way chilled panels create a comfortable environment. An overall decrease in noise is a huge advantage, especially in offices or workspaces.

Traditional systems must create a certain level of noise to push air through a duct system. This can become aggravating in the summer months when the unit is kicking on and off all day.

Ceiling panels deliver air at low velocity. By cutting down on drafts, they sometimes produce half the noise as traditional units.

This noise reduction creates a much more comfortable environment. Many people don't even notice when panels are in use.

Creating a Balance Between You and Your Surroundings

Radiant cooling technology creates a more natural balance between you and your surroundings. Traditional air conditioning systems can't achieve this balance.

During summer months, ceiling panels actually absorb heat from the surrounding room. This includes heat from the human body. Our bodies actually dissipate heat to the radiant panels.

The water behind the chilled ceiling panels carries the absorbed heat away. The panels are doing most of the cooling while ventilated air takes a back seat.

The forced air of a traditional convective unit pushes large amounts of cooled air into a room. This causes fluctuations in temperature that's much less comfortable and consistent.

Flexible Controls

Cooling panels sustain consistent temperatures regardless of changes to the layout of a space. They do this by incorporating flexible control options. These include velocity, temperature, and air quality controls.

Velocity controls come with several settings which change the size of a discharge slot in the panels. This control can increase or decrease the throw of air.

Air quality controls allow you to increase or decrease the cfm (cubic feet per minute) of fresh air. Temperature controls provide the same functionality as thermostats on traditional units.

All these controls operate with very little impact on noise levels and pressure in a room.

Better Architectural Design

Think about all the components included in traditional convection systems. All these things have to get built into a structure.

Radiant cooling systems include fewer visible components. The components they require are much smaller than those in traditional systems. This allows for much more flexibility when it comes to the architectural design.

Much less space gets used with radiant cooling. You'll be able to consider design elements that a traditional unit would compromise.

Cooling panels are also discreet. The nonintrusive look they achieve is much more pleasing. In short, they look better.

Become Energy Conscious

Today, it's more important than ever to stay educated on ways to become more energy conscious. The environmental problems we face aren't going away unless we take action.

Moving to radiant cooling panels is a great way to help conserve energy while saving money. The functionality and comfort you get will reinforce your decision.

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