What's the Most Efficient Home Cooling System?

What's the Most Efficient Home Cooling System?
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Beating the heat and staying cool doesn't come naturally when it's hot out. So you turn up the AC, hoping you can stay comfortable.

But then your face falls when you get the bill.

How can you save money and feel good during the heat? The answer lies in a cooling system that is efficient and does the job without running up your bill. Read on to find the most efficient ways to keep your house cool.

Stay Closed Off - at Least at Home

Before you amp up the air, think about what it takes for a house to stay cool. Do you have unused rooms you're cooling off? Are your blinds open, letting sunlight pour in?

  • Close off rooms you aren't using to help save energy
  • Close blinds and curtain so sunlight doesn't heat up the house
  • For rooms that get warm quickly, have a blackout curtain to keep the room dark

This is the most effective way of keeping your temperatures low naturally. A cooling system will have less work to do if your home is already as closed off.

Turn On All the Fans

Review how many fans you have in your home. Move the ones currently used in rooms that are not closed off. Then, turn everything on. This applies to bathroom and ceiling fans, too.

Turning on fans helps by:

  • Sucking out humidity
  • Helps airflow circulate by pushing hot air away and cool air in
  • Creates a direct breeze where you are sitting or laying

If you have a conventional cooling system and are trying to avoid turning the air on, consider a new AC system. These are hidden and distribute cool air through a piping system.

Invest in a New Cooling System

Determine how old your current air conditioner is, and decide if you should get a new one. Newer systems are effective since they require less energy to produce more output.

It might be time for a new system if:

  • Your current system breaks down often
  • You have to run the air conditioner at a higher level than usual to get a decent output of cool air
  • Your current system is several years old

Air conditioners offer health benefits, allowing folks to be comfortable, efficient, and creates a healthy environment. The newest cooling systems infiltrate cold water through a piping system in the ceiling.

Having this unique whole-house system offers even distribution to help keep the entire home cool.

Plan When to Use Your Air Conditioner

Planning when to run your air conditioner can benefit you. To make the most of your air and when it is being used, try to run it early in the morning before the heat of the day. You can run it later in the evening.

You can run your cooling system in the middle of the day if it gets very hot. However, there are benefits to avoiding the AC in the middle of the day.

You can avoid pitfalls such as the system shorting out. Timing when to run the AC means your bill will be lower.

Avoid Certain Activities in the Heat of the Day

Keeping your home cool goes beyond maintaining timing when to run the cooling system. Think about what activities you do, and the appliances used to help your household run.

During the heat of the day, take a timeout from activities that can heat up the house or make you feel warmer. You'll keep the house cooler when it counts, and save money. If it's going to be another hot summer, take time to kick back and relax, rather than let the heat beat you.

  • Don't cook or use the oven
  • Consider drying your laundry on the line
  • Pause activities that require a lot of physical work, such as vacuuming

Ovens and dryers will produce heat, making your home sticky. Vacuuming and other highly physical chores mean that you will run up your own temperature. Instead, use this time to relax.

Have Your Home Evaluated for Leaks

Think back to when you last had your home checked for leaks. Was it recently? If not, you should consider taking time to have someone evaluate the house and search for leaky areas.

You might have a leak and not know it. Or, you could have many small leaks that have popped up throughout the house. Air leakage creates the problem of cool air escaping your house, and hot air flowing in.

If you have experienced a natural disaster, have dealt with extreme weather, or have an old house, you should have your home checked. Doing so will keep the house cool, and you will save money since your energy is not going to waste.

Have a Professional Come out Today

Don't wait until you think there is a problem related to a leak, or if you are considering having a replacement cooling system.

Have a professional come out today and review your home. They will help you decide what changes you need to make in order to stay comfortable during the hottest months of the year.

If you've tried the above suggestions and still don't feel cool enough, consider having an upgrade, or modifying your lifestyle. Hot weather can be difficult to deal with, but it shouldn't make life unbearable.

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