Why Ultraflow Stormwater is the Best Filter for Rainwater

Best Rainwater Filter: Ultraflow Stormwater Treatment
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Isn't it always surprising to discover how many people live in Australia, even if you've lived here all your life? Australia is the driest inhabited continent, with its flora and fauna adapting to withstand the extreme conditions.

Conserving water is important all over the world, but it becomes more important in the driest populated area on Earth. As its inhabitants, we must reduce water consumption as much as we can.

We can do that by harvesting and filtering rainwater so that we can reuse it. Investing in an efficient and quality filtration system will not only result in more savings but also in having a cleaner water to use.

With that in mind, the Ultraflow Stormwater treatment system is one of the best in the industry. Read on to find out why.

Ultraflow Stormwater Uses Dynamic Filter Catchment

The Ultraflow Stormwater system uses dynamic filters, which are better than static stormwater filters in general.

Take a look at the differences to see why Ultraflow Stormwater with dynamic filters is better.


Dynamic filters seamlessly integrate into existing systems. They have different sizes to accommodate small residential homes to large commercial buildings.

Downpipe filters only need the pipe, glue, and the exact measurements. The trade-off is that the installation of in-ground static filters also requires more space and more energy and a lot more maintenance.


Homeowners using a system with static filters need to determine first how much water it will take on the first flush, which is at least the first 1 mm of rainwater. The first flush typically contains more roof contaminants than other times during a storm.

In theory, it should ensure that less dirt and debris will go into the tank, but that's not the case. When rain falls too far from the downpipe, they will not enter the first flush. This makes for a higher chance of contaminants entering the tank.

Dynamic filters don't need this at all, as all rainwater goes through filtration every last drop. The system separates the debris and particles up to 700 m in size, preventing them from entering the tank. This also means that more water ends up in the tank, as it doesn't get lost to the first flush.


A static filter requires a lot of time from its caretakers, as it needs cleaning in a frequent schedule, almost every time a big storm occurs. Debris will accumulate at the bottom of the diverter pipe if they don't fit through the outlet. The amount of debris in the roof will also change over time, meaning more regular maintenance of the first flush aside from the filter itself.

The Ultraflow filter has built-in cleaning systems with cleaning nozzles. The automated cleaning of the filter grills maintains efficiency in the long term.


Static filters are not mechanical, only requiring a seat system and a ball. This puts them on the affordable side when it comes to filtration systems.

On the contrary, the initial cost for dynamic filtration systems, like the Ultraflow filter, is a little harder on the pockets. However, the reduced maintenance costs and the efficiency mean that you'll end up saving money in the long term.

In addition to using dynamic filters, Ultraflow Stormwater uses a high-quality patented Trident technology. These are more efficient in water harvesting. They further reduce the long-term cost of the system, which we'll discuss below.

Ultraflow Stormwater Uses Trident Rainwater Filters

Ultraflow made a partnership with an established European organisation. This allows them to give you a system with the latest filtration innovation in the form of Trident filters. It uses technology that assures particles from water don't go into the tank, guaranteeing a pure and clean water every time.

Trident filters also offer a range of flow rates, making it suitable for a variety of applications. They are suitable for residential homes or industrial operations. The flow rate goes from 5 to 300 litres per second, whichever tends to your needs.

Ultraflow Stormwater Treatment System is Eco-Friendly

The Ultraflow Stormwater filtration system commits to lowering their impact on the environment. The company leads the industry with sustainable practices. This is in addition to the environmental benefits of harvesting and filtering rainwater.

Filtration systems allow homeowners to conserve water as it is the most important natural resource on Earth. Not only does it save families money, it also allows them to contribute to fighting climate change.

They also use less water from companies who use a large amount of energy in treating, heating, and transporting water. This, in turn, reduces the number of households needing that much energy.

Ultraflow's Design Allows For Maximum Efficiency

Ultraflow Stormwater's intelligent design allows for more efficient filtering of rainwater. Starting from the Filter Grill, water separates from debris in rapid motions to fall into the Fine Filter Bag. The rainwater catchment has an optional filter mesh bag that can further filter particles down to 150 um, ensuring cleaner water.

The inclusion of overflow skimming designs removes the layer of floating contaminants. The brass cleaning nozzles then clean the filter grill.

Homeowners can also buy accessories, including floating extraction and rodent valves. These can increase the lifetime efficiency and maximise the potential of their filter systems.

Ultraflow Filtration System Has a Flexible Range

Have a poly or concrete water tank? Don't worry, the Ultraflow Stormwater is great for both types.

Ultraflow Stormwater has a wide range of pre-tank and in-tank filters that make it suitable for both materials. Not only that, the filters also increase the lifespan of your tank, which is 30 years for concrete or 20 years for poly.

The system also reduces the frequency of maintenance, allowing you to save on costs. You don't have to worry about harvesting a high volume of rainwater, either.

Ultraflow Stormwater is the Best System for Your Home

With these reasons, it's not hard to believe that the Ultraflow Stormwater treatment system is one of the best choices you can make for your home. As taking care of the environment becomes more important, it's almost a necessity to have a rainwater filtration system. A major plus is that you save money, too.

Take a look at our other products that will maximise the efficiency of your house. If you have any inquiries, contact us now.

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