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Sustainability Policy

Ultraflow consider the environment in every action we take. We work with our clients and suppliers in a considered approach to minimize our environmental footprint.

As a customer centric business, sustainable practices are fundamentally ingrained in the values and principles of the company and it’s staff.

Our commitment extends beyond applicable laws with a culture that considers in daily activities how to further Reduce, Re-use and Recycle.

This Policy is designed to act as a constant reminder to our employees, clients, and suppliers with whom we conduct business of our commitments to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner and similarly encourage them to pursue sustainable practices.

Ultraflow aims to:

- Comply with applicable laws, regulations, standards, and obligations in all geographies we operate, with particular reference to the Australian Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

- Continually improve our environmental performances and reduction of our environmental footprint by encouraging a culture of considered practices in the daily activities of all staff.

- Communicate company-wide the success and support the betterment of sustainable practices.

It is our Policy to:

- Reduce construction waste.

- Recycle as much waste material as possible.

- Avoid the use of paper wherever possible, but when necessary, minimize consumption.

- Minimise energy usage.

- Purchase products, work with suppliers, media owners and clients who also share similar environmental values to lower the environmental impact of their activities.

- When travel is required, we promote the most efficient, environmentally considerate and safest modes available.

This Policy is communicated to all Ultraflow staff and is available to all clients and suppliers with whom we conduct or intend to conduct activities with.

Mathew Klintfalt

Managing Director