50 Martin Place

Ultraflow Siphonics Project: 50 Martin Place
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Waterflow rate



Johnson Pilton Walker



3,280 L/s


Winner of the Rider Levett Bucknall Australian Development of the Year in the Property Council of Australia/RLB Innovation and Excellence Awards.

Winner of SAS International Award for Best Office Development

Winner of JLL Award for Best Sustainable Development – Existing Buildings.JPW

Being one of Sydney’s most iconic and well know buildings, the works consisted of keeping the original facade while upgrading the 1980 style interior and internal works. The main new modern feature was the all glass roof.

The construction of the terrace area required all pipework to be located under the subfloor, which resulted in delicate coordination and innovative installation and testing process.

With the new all glass roof, additional bracketing was required to secure and allow for additional thermal forces through the pipework.

Images courtesy of JPW. http://www.jpw.com.au/portfolio/50-martin-place/


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