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Ultraflow Indoor Climate System

Ultraflow Indoor Climate systems offer sophisticated hydronic heating and cooling with an energy saving of up to 30% compared to conventional air conditioning based systems. Possessing beautifully stable thermal heating and cooling properties, our indoor climate technology improves Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) making spaces healthier, more comfortable and quieter with less environmental impact. Our design enables more even temperature distribution and greater architectural flexibility with systems suitable for floors, walls and ceilings.

More versatile and efficient than electrical or fan operated air conditioning systems, Ultraflow Indoor Climate systems use a multi-layered pipe system that circulates hot or cold water throughout the area installed. Virtually maintenance free and with a lifespan of well over 50 years our hydronic solutions maintain the idyllic indoor climate.

Ultraflow is committed to adapting global innovations to provide efficient, effective and green building solutions for our region. Our partnership with Uponor not only allows Ultraflow to deliver hydronic heating and cooling, it also provides us the capabilities of applying proven European solutions to indoor climate management into our existing product offerings.

Ultraflow Indoor Climate solutions offer a high level of thermal comfort in all seasons while also improving indoor environmental quality, and creating healthier and quieter spaces with our advanced underfloor heating system. The improved energy saving reduces environmental impact and most importantly, creates significant cost savings. The flexibility to heat and cool through hydronics is critical for our region and offers the complete all-round approach. Ultraflow can deliver complete design and construct turnkey solutions for projects of any scale.

Ultraflow Indoor Climate Product Piping

Ultraflow Indoor Climate System Applications

Ultraflow Indoor Climate Residential Building


  • Underfloor heating provides excellent thermal comfort and is the perfect climate solution for family homes.
  • Highly energy efficient, particularly when combined with renewable energy sources such as solar or geothermal.
  • Hidden from sight and with comfortable surface temperatures, it offers a safe and clean heating solution in your home.
Ultraflow Indoor Climate Commercial Building


  • Reduce the risk of sick building syndrome and minimise absenteeism by removing cool drafts, dust circulation and allergens.
  • Utilise the thermal mass of the concrete structure to maintain stable indoor climate conditions and reduced lifecycle costs.
  • Increase lettable area and occupied spaces.
Ultraflow Indoor Climate Industrial Underfloor Heading


  • Slab heating and cooling within a warehouse provides stable temperatures in both summer and winter so staff can focus on the task at hand.
  • Warehouse space is too cost sensitive to surrender to unnecessary air-conditioning equipment.
  • Hydronic systems are inbuilt requiring no usable space.
  • Stored items are kept in stable temperature environment all year round.

Conventional vs. Ultraflow

Conventional Heating & Cooling System

Conventional Heating & Cooling

Conventional in-slab systems typically only provide heating benefits, while air-conditioning systems are often intrusive, noisy and environmentally inefficient. Conventional systems also face significant design limitations to accommodate ducting, suffer uneven temperature distribution and facilitate the circulation of airborne contaminants.

Ultraflow Indoor Climate Underfloor Heating & Cooling System

Ultraflow Indoor Climate

Ultraflow Indoor Climate systems function by circulating hot or cold water beneath any surface using a network of evenly distributed piping. Extremely energy efficient and virtually hidden from view, our indoor climate range of products are suitable for new and renovated spaces.


In slab underfloor heating


Slab heating and cooling is an unobtrusive, efficient and reliable thermal system for any project, particularly popular with polished
concrete floors. Predominately for new builds, the system uses the concrete’s thermal mass as a means of providing sustained heating and cooling comfort for occupants.

Minitek underfloor panel heating system


With only a 10 mm minimum depth, the complete underfloor system ensures rapid thermal response time and increased energy efficiency making it the ideal climate control solution for residential properties. The system can easily be adapted to any existing floor type including timber, carpet, tiles, stone etc. making it ideal for home renovations.

Ceiling cooling system


By cooling from the ceiling, Ultraflow’s chilled ceiling panels offer a more energy efficient cooling solution compared with existing cooling
methods. Combined with an airbox, this solution provides the required airflow, whilst maximising cooling requirements and minimising draft. The panels can fit within a standard ceiling grid and are quick and easy to install which makes them also suitable for retrofits.

How much does underfloor heating cost?