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Ultraflow Pipeline Bathroom Wall System

Ultraflow Pipeline bathroom wall systems are produced with quality European components for premium performance and sophisticated finish, whilst offering modular efficiency for large-scale projects.

Designed precisely to the requirements of your project and load tested for absolute confidence, our Pipeline wall systems reduce on-site installation time by up to 25%, reducing fitting costs and time delays vs. on site construction. Ready for connection by a licensed plumber, Ultraflow Pipeline wall systems maintain a premium look, feel and performance for the most modern bathroom designs.

The latching mechanism is the core of the system. It allows the MFV system to be assembled easily, rapidly and without tools. The product is latched in position manually by means of a lever, which blocks the profiles, in a stable and precise manner. This latching mechanism allows an adjustment of over 15 mm to ensure the profiles are perfectly perpendicular. Once blocked, the latching mechanism can still be reused without compromising the mechanical resistance.

The key Ultraflow Pipeline benefits are:

  • Rapidity: This product provides significant time saving during installation thanks to the rapid coupling devices.
  • Efficiency: Installation work is performed independently by the plumber, from structure installation to wall finishing.
  • Cleanliness: Extreme cleanliness on site. No demolition or restoration work required.
  • Range: Complete range of accessories to provide maximum customisation.
  • Simplicity: Easy to install. No special tools required for installation.
  • System Versatility:  The MFV system is universal and can be installed on any wall type and with an infinite number of configurations.
  • 7 International Patents: For an innovative and advanced system.
  • Assistance: Technical support during planning and on site.
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Why Use Us?

Ultraflow Pipeline Product Premium Valsir Quality

Premium Valsir Quality

All Ultraflow Pipeline wall systems are made with world famous Valsir components.

Ultraflow Pipeline Product Precision Custom Design

Precision Custom Design

Our experienced design team tailor each wall system to your specifications and budget for the most efficient installation.

Ultraflow Pipeline Product Certified Strength

Certified Strength

Ultraflow Pipeline systems are BCA and PCA certified for load strength and reliability, and suitable for commercial features including grab bars and disabled amenity requirements.

Conventional vs Ultraflow

Ultraflow Pipeline Product Conventional Installation

Typical Bathroom Installation

Most installations require multiple, repeat site visits from various trades over the course of their construction costing money and wasting time.

Ultraflow Pipeline Product Ultraflow Installation

Ultraflow Pipeline Wall Systems

Ultraflow Pipeline wall systems offer a premium, pre-constructed solution tailored to your project requirements. On commercial projects the economies of scale can generate significant cost savings accelerating the timeframe to completion with a premium result.

Installation Process

Ultraflow Pipeline Product Installation Process Stage 1

Phase 1

During this phase, the system does not require any brickwork. The structure is positioned by the plumber without breaking the walls or the floors, simply by means of anchor holes which secure the MFV structure to the existing wall. Debris, dirt and all the work usually associated with brickwork is therefore avoided.

Ultraflow Pipeline Product Installation Process Stage 2

Phase 2

Once the MFV frame is in place, the structures are positioned inside and the hydraulic system is installed. The MFV system offers two possible solutions: the use of specific structures with the MFV/S1 model, or the use of the Block structures with the MFV/S2 model. On both the MFV/S1 and MFV/S2 models installation of the structures is facilitated as compared to standard installations because the patented latches allow the installation to be performed by one person only.

Ultraflow Pipeline Product Installation Process Stage 3

Phase 3

Once the installation has been completed, the frame is then covered with plasterboard as well as any other finishing materials and the sanitary fixtures are secured. After only a few hours after starting the work, the bathroom is ready to be used.

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