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Ultraflow Stormwater Filtration System

Ultraflow Stormwater products provide superior filtration for rainwater harvesting, overcoming typical maintenance issues. They ensure catchment water remains clean and your storage tanks protected from contamination.

Separating dirt, debris, and heavy contaminants, Ultraflow Stormwater filters can seamlessly accompany existing harvesting systems or be integrated with Ultraflow Siphonic drainage system designs for the ultimate rainwater management system.

The rainwater filtration system works by using several key technologies. 

  • Filter Grill: Water passes over the tilted, triangular shaped grill. This allows for a rapid separation of waste and clean water, ensuring maximum return.
  • Fine Filter Bag: Water passes through the filter grill and falls into the rainwater catchment. The optional inclusion of a filter mesh bag can filter particles down to 150 µm.
  • Nozzle: Filters can be supplied with special brass cleaning nozzles. This will allow for automated cleaning of the filter grill, increasing the long-term efficiency and reducing maintenance.
  • Overflow: The slight drop between supply and discharge allows for easier post filter installation. It also allows for the inclusion of overflow skimming designs, removing the thin layer of contaminants that float on the surface of the water.
  • Accessories: There are other attachments that can increase the lifetime efficiency of the rainwater system including rodent valves and floating extraction valves. Each inclusion is designed to maximise the potential 
    of the rainwater system.

With a range of pre-tank filters and tank filters with skimmers, Ultraflow Stormwater filters are flexible to suit concrete or poly tanks, improving tank life, reducing maintenance and capable of handling high volume harvesting needs.

Ultraflow continuously strives to deliver new developments in the water industry. Through partnering with an experienced European organisation, Ultraflow can provide the latest water filter system innovation in the form of the Trident stormwater range. These Trident rainwater filters offer an unprecedented range of flow rates and can be seamlessly integrated across a variety of applications ranging from smaller residential homes all the way to the largest industrial operations.

Trident filters are a highly efficient dynamic rainwater filter, ensuring that a maximum volume of water passes through the filter and into the tank. The filter acts as the first step in the rainwater treatment process and has the capability to reduce the overall lifetime cost of the entire rainwater harvesting system.

    Ultraflow rainwater filter. Superior rainwater harvesting system.

    Why Use

    Ultraflow Stormwater Product Clever Design

    Clever Design

    Ultraflow Stormwater filters are intelligently designed to eliminate debris and particles with minimal cleaning required.

    Ultraflow Stormwater Product Flexible Range

    Flexible Range

    With pre-tank and now in-tank filters with skimmers our range are suitable for Poly and Concrete harvesting tanks of various sizes.

    Ultraflow Stormwater Product Seamless Finish

    Seamless Operation & Finish

    Ultraflow’s Stormwater range includes automated maintenance features, calming inlets and manhole covers for grass and tiled areas.

    Ultraflow Stormwater vs First Flush Systems

    Dynamic rainwater harvesting system

    Dynamic Filter Catchment

    Ultraflow Stormwater filters are made with a uniquely designed filter material that effectively eliminates detritus from rainwater as it is harvested. No longer requiring a first flush solution, the clever design is the most efficient available in the market today maximising harvesting capabilities and reducing maintenance intervals with their self-cleaning capabilities. Easy to install with existing harvesting solutions, Ultraflow also offer innovative calming inlets and manhole covers for a seamless finish to your project.

    1. All filters can be seamlessly incorporated into the rainwater tank systems.
    2. The filters are efficient to 700 μm meaning that large contaminants will not end up in the tank.
    3. All of the rainwater will be filtered, resulting in more water in the tank.


    Static rainwater harvesting system

    Static Filter Catchment

    Conventional harvesting mesh or grills typically suffer build up of debris and result in more contaminants polluting and discolouring harvest water over time. Without regular manual maintenance the performance of typical mesh grills quickly reduce in collection rates and performance resulting in overflow issues.

    1. The larger the catchment, the larger the first flush needs to be.
    2. The amount of debris from the roof can vary over time, requiring regular maintenance of the first flush.
    3. Rain that falls further away from the downpipe will not enter the first flush, causing roof contaminants to enter the tank.


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